Verna Carson

Verna Sawyer-Carson

Verna Sawyer-Carson, also known as Mother Sawyer, is the mother of Loretta Sawyer and the grandmother of Heather Miller and Jedidiah Sawyer. Verna serves as the matriarch of the Sawyer family, and was portrayed by Marilyn Burns in Texas Chainsaw 3D and by Lili Taylor in Leatherface.

Biography Edit

After her family was killed including her beloved daughter, she started tracking down information the people involved with massacre which she found her daughter's infant daughter, being raised by Gavin and Arlene Miller.

She keeps tabs on her granddaughter until she was older. When Verna became sick, she started writing Heather a letter explaining her bloodline and her inheritance which includes the manison and her cousin Leatherface. She was buried next to her daughter.





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