Well, hello fellow TCM fans; it's me, that one admin guy. I'm glad to see that everyone has been continuing to update and edit this wiki, and you have my thanks. I sadly have been pretty busy in life and haven't had much time to update this wiki myself after I gave it the initial backbone. I also... actually haven't even seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D yet. :( It seems to be taking forever to get onto DVD... I then I need to wait for it to become a decent price... I'm thinking they'll probably sell a copy for cheap at the local rental store... Anywayz, my lack of seeing TCM3D make me oblivious to some of the new continuity changes. -_-' I see that the new movie changed Leatherface's name from "Bubba" to "Jedediah"and I have changed the title page for the character to the new name. Probably a paragraph should be added to the classic Leatherface's page refering to his role in TCM3D, or something.

Just putting this out there: If you are a hardcore TCM fan who thinks you can maintain this wiki better than I have between my loooong absences (which is probably pretty easy to achieve -_-' ), I'll be willing to grant admin rights to you. So like if you want to change page names or add polls without contacting me first, then you'll be able to. I will give admin rights to ONE other person so I'll probably look at your past edits to make sure you're legit and what-not. I will still be present as an admin on here, but with another admin keeping track of things, I'll won't feel bad when I fade into the black every now and again. If you're interested, just contact me via my message wall, and I'll get back to you when I can.

So yeah, that's pretty much it for now.

The Admin Guy,

TJK Ernst

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