The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Game


Release Dates
Released By
Wizard Video
United States
Atari 2600
Game Modes
Single Player

In 1982, a mass-market video game adaptation of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was released for the Atari 2600 by Wizard Video.As one of the first horror-themed video games, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre caused controversy when it was released due to the violent nature of the video game and sold poorly as many video game stores refused to carry it. Wizard Video's other commercial release, Halloween, had a slightly better reception, however, the limited number of copies sold has made both games highly valued items among Atari collectors


In the game, the player assumes the role of Leatherface, and attempts to murder trespassers while avoiding obstacles such as fences and cow skulls.

Angry Video Game Nerd Appearence Edit

The Nerd comes across a Hillbilly selling old bad video games, and the Nerd spots the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game. After debating the price of the game the hillbilly, the hillbilly throws in a free game for buying the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, which causes the Nerd to buy it. The Nerd reviews the game and says that it is boring and tedious but is not really bad. After the Nerd reviews the game, Chop Top comes in and slowly starts to disturb the Nerd, and then he smacks Chop Top to the ground. Suddenly, Leatherface busts into the Nerd's room and chases him to the Hillbilly who sold him the game, who knocks him out. He wakes up to find the seller, the hippee, and Leatherface sitting in front of him, and force him to play the game. He breaks free shortly after and Leatherface starts chasing him, but gets stuck behind a bike, allowing the Nerd to escape.



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