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Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Legacy Continues
is direct sequel to the original movie. Like Texas Chainsaw 3D, it ignores the sequels and take places during the modern years.

This film centers on the Sawyer family using modern technology such as texting, online, and mail to lure potential victims.


The film opens with the traditional narration on the history of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It only acknowledges the original film, ignoring the rest, claiming the Sawyer family hasn’t been seen or heard from since. It states, however, that recent murders point out an online predator luring people to their deaths. Now in 2015, the story introduces Amanda, a lonely girl, who decides to look for love online. She meets a guy name Sawyer73. The two flirt for a few weeks until they agree to meet in person. Nervous about meeting a stranger online, she invites her friends Laurie, Scott, Rachel, and Robert. They take the trip to Newt on August 18. While at a store, they meet a nice man name Nick, who gives them different directions to their destination. They decide to take this route.

They finally make it as the sun goes down. But they get lost and run out of gas just as they find a three way path to where they need to go. Uncertain which way to go, they separate, going to different paths. Rachel and Robert find a house that they believe is Sawyer73’s home. While Rachel checks in the back, Robert goes inside the front door but he’s encountered by a female Leatherface. Frighten by Robert’s sudden appearance, she screams and beats him to death with a sledge hammer. Laurie and Scott get lost on their path. As they turn to go back, they’re ambushed by a male Leatherface who kills Scott. He hunts down and murders Laurie as well. Back at the house, Rachel, too, encounters the female Leatherface. The Female impales Rachel onto the meat hook where she presumes to bleed to death.

Amanda runs into a guy name John. John tells her he’s been trapped there in the woods after he and his friends were tricked into meeting a guy name Sawyer73 online. They are chased by the male Leatherface. Amanda runs away at the encouragement of John. The sounds of the struggle from the distant imply that John has been killed. Amanda finds the house where she’s found by the female Leatherface. She runs off and waves down a truck. The driver is Nick, who gave Amanda directions earlier. Nick reveals himself as Sawyer73. She realizes that Nick has tricked her into coming to be killed. Amanda attempts to escape but Nick recaptures and knocks her out.

Amanda wakes up tied to a chair with Nick, both Leatherfaces, the corpses of Drayton Sawyer (who’s taken over the role of Grandpa) and Jedidah Sawyer (the original Leatherface). Nick reveals that the Leatherfaces are fraternal twins Jed II and Juilet. In 1977, using mail to lure victims, their mother Edith Rose Sawyer (Drayton’s daughter) was raped and killed by a potential victim. That same guy set the twin babies on fire (resulting in the reason for wearing masks now). He also killed Jedidah I. Drayton and Nick (a pre-teen at the time) eventually killed the man. After the babies recovered, Drayton and Nick nurtured the twins into becoming the new Leatherface. Jed would be the hunter and Juliet would be the housewife. Nick leads the family as Drayton had in 1973. When Juliet attempts to cut off Amanda’s face, Amanda fights back and kills Juliet. Amanda runs out but is chased by Nick and Jed. Before Nick can kill her, a truck runs him over, instantly killing him. The driver is John, whom we believed to have been killed in the initial attack earlier. John and Jed fight. Jed eventually gets the upper hand and is about to kill John. But Amanda grabs Nick’s knife and repeatedly stabs Jed to death. However, as John and Amanda drive off in the truck, Jed’s arms and legs start moving, indicating he may still be alive.

Sawyer FamilyEdit

  • Nick Sawyer: The new leader of the Sawyer family. The older brother of twins Jedidah II and Juliet, Son of Edith Rose Sawyer, Grandson of Drayton Sawyer, and Nephew of Jedidah Sawyer. He was born in the 1965. When he was 12 years old, his mother Edith and Uncle Jed (the original Leatherface) were murdered by a man they attempted to lure with via mail. The man set the twins on fire. However, the twins survive the attack. Nick and Drayton kill the man in revenge. They trained Jed II and Juliet to become the new Leatherface. Nick was in charge of arranging meetings between their new victims and the Sawyer family. Using an online username "Sawyer73", he'd befriend people and convince them to meet him. He's ran over and killed by John just as he was about to kill Amanda.
  • Jedidah Sawyer II: The male Leatherface. The twin brother of Juliet Sawyer, younger brother of Nick Sawyer, son of Edith Sawyer, Grandson of Drayton Sawyer, and nephew of Jedidah Sawyer I. When he and Juliet were babies, they were attacked and burnt by a man who murdered their mother and the original Leatherface. Jed is the hunter of the twins.
  • Juliet Sawyer: The female Leatheface. She is the twin sister of Jedidah Sawyer II, younger sister of Nick Sawyer, daughter of Edith Sawyer, Granddaughter of Drayton Swayer, and niece of Jedidah Sawyer I. When she and Jed II were babies, they were attacked and burnt by a man who murdered their mother and the original Leatherface. Juliet is the housewife of the twins. She wears the old lady mask, wig, and pink dress with an apron. Juliet is killed by Amanda when she attempts to cut Amanda's face of to have for herself.
  • Edith Rose Sawyer: The mother of Nick and the twins Jedidah II and Juliet Sawyer. She is the daughter of Drayton Sawyer and sister of Jedidah Sawyer and Nubbins. She and her brother Jed (the original Leatherface) are murdered by a man they had hoped to kill themselves. The same man burnt her babies. He is eventually killed by Drayton and Nick in revenge.
  • Drayton Sawyer: Grandfather of Nick, Jed II, and Juilet. Father of Jedidah I, Nubbins, and Edith Sawyer. He dies in between the original film and this film. He's seen throughout the movie as a preserved corpse along with Jedidah Sawyer.
  • Jedidah Sawyer I: Is the original Leatherface. Son of Drayton Sawyer, Brother of Nubbins (whose killed in the original) and Edith Sawyer. Uncle of Nick, Jed II, and Juliet. He dies between films but he's seen throughout the movie as a preserved corpse along with Drayton.

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