TCM - By Himself
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: By Himself Is A Comic In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Comic Series


May 7th, 1972Edit

Sheriff Hoyt stops a motorist on the highway. Prejudging the man as nothing more than a draft-dodging hippie, he decides to take out his frustration by dragging the man out of the car and beating him with the butt end of his rifle. While the man lies in the dirt bleeding, Sheriff Hoyt decides to tell him his life story


Hoyt's real name is actually Charlie Hewitt. In the winter of 1953 he had been serving in the U.S. armed forces stationed in Korea. Hewitt was captured by a Korean officer named Sergeant Chow and taken to a POW camp. Chow forced Hewitt to look after another POW who had been injured during the fighting. Seeing the man as sick and weak, Hewitt decided that it would be better to silence him, so he suffocated him in the middle of the night. The following day, Hewitt was moved to a transit camp in the mountains. Placed in a dungeon, he was paired off with another injured G.I. The enlisted man died of his own injuries, and Hewitt watched in horror as NKPA officers dragged the body into a slaughterhouse where it was butchered and (presumably) cooked. What remains were left behind were thrown into a bucket and tossed into Hewitt's cell. Starving, he had little choice but to eat what was provided for him. He kept one of the discarded human bones and sharpened the end of it. When Sergeant Chow entered his cell one morning to inspect him, Hewitt stabbed him in the chest with the bone. He then took Chow's rifle and shot his way to freedom. The experience gave Hewitt not only a newfound inner strength, but a grisly appetite for human flesh.By the time Hewitt concludes his tale, he has dragged the bleeding motorist back to his family homestead. Beating him with a baseball bat, he screams at the man, declaring that he is a survivor and that if he could survive the communists, he could survive anything – with his family around him. As if on cue, Charlie's nephew Tommy "Leatherface" Hewitt emerges from behind a clothesline and finishes the motorist off with his chainsaw. Looking down at the corpse, Charlie motions to Tommy and says, "Let's eat". 

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