Smith & Wesson Model 586

S&W Mod586

Gun Type:
.357 Magnum,& (or) .38 Special
Barrel length(s):
2.5 in (64mm), 3 in (76mm), 4 in (102mm), 6 in (153mm), 8.375 in (214 mm)
6-round cylinder
Fire Modes:
Single Action & (or) Double Action
Used By:

The Smith & Wesson Model 586 Is A Weapon Featured In The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

In Film AppearanceEdit

When Chrissie escaped to go find help Holden (Lee Tergesen) pulls a Smith & Wesson Model 586 .357 Magnum revolver and takes it into the Hewitt house to find his girlfriend Alex. He ends up shooting Monty Hewitt in the kneecap and threatens Sheriff Hoyt with the weapon but never uses it on him because of being ambushed by Thomas Hewitt


  • The Smith & Wesson Model 586 is anachronistic as the film is set in 1969 and the Smith & Wesson Model 586 was not produced until 1985.


  • Holden (Lee Tergesen) pulls his Smith & Wesson Model 586 out of his motorcycle compartment.
  • Holden (Lee Tergesen) threatens Sheriff Hoyt with the revolver which puts them both in a standoff.

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