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Sloane dead giving birth

Sloane Murphy Is Leatherface's Biological Mother and an minor character in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.

Her StoryEdit

It's unknown if she was married, divorced or widow while pregnant with her baby. Sloane worked as an employee of the Lee Bros. Meats company in Travis County, Texas in 1939.

In July of that year, she was in the final trimester of a difficult pregnancy and at work when her water broke. She begged the supervisor to give her an emergency bathroom break, but he ignored her.

Then, Sloane passed out and fell onto the floor. The supervisor came down and erroneously believed that she had been drinking on the job which she suddenly came to as her body convulsed and blood poured out of her body.

She gave birth to a deformed infant right there on the slaughterhouse floor and then died. The supervisor was repulsed by the disfigured child and threw it away in a dumpster.

It was discovered by a scavenger named Luda May Hewitt who adopted it and named him Thomas. Sloane's child was destined to one day become the chainsaw-wielding psychopath known as Leatherface. He never knew about his mother after her death.

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