OllieBrown3D (3)
Ollie Brown
Known aliases: Ollie
Location: Newt, Texas
Known relatives: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Year of birth: Unknown
Year of death: 2013
First appearance: Texas Chainsaw 3D
Portrayed by: Ritchie Montgomery

Ollie Brown is the tertiary antagonist featured in Texas Chainsaw 3D.

About Edit

He is Burt Hartman's partner and one of the police officers who helps him kill all of the members of the Sawyer Family, including Leatherface and Heather Miller. He and Burt then have Heather abducted and taken to the slaughterhouse, where Leatherface eventually turns up. While he attempts to force Leatherface into a meat grinder, Heather kills him. Heather sides with her cousin and Leatherface personally fights Hartman until he forces him into a meat grinder.