Lieutenant Boude Enright
Known aliases: "Lefty"
Location: Amarillo Tx
Known relatives: Sally Hardesty Enright & Franklin Hardesty Enright
Status: Deceased
Year of birth: 1940
Year of death: 1986
First appearance: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Portrayed by: Dennis Hopper
Lieutenant Boude Enright, known as Lefty, is a former Texas ranger turned vigilante when local law enforcement fails to investigate the Sawyer family and the murder of his nephew Franklin Hardesty Enright. He is the main deuteragonist of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2Edit

Lefty suspected the cannibal family when Leatherface killed Buzz and Rick. However, the local law enforcement are not taken him seriously due to the fact they failed to find them. He convinced VVanita, the radio DJ who recorded their deaths on tape, to play the tape on the radio so the authories will have to listen to him. Lefty bought a big chainsaw and two smaller chainsaws, and followed Chop Top and Leatherface to the cannibals' new house, where he began tearing the house up. He found Franklin's corpose. He had a moment and tells Franklin that he'll avenge him. Eventually, Lefty found the cannibals. He injured Drayton with his chainsaw and cut Vanita Brock 's restraints so she could escape, and then fought Leatherface in a chainsaw duel. While they were fighting on the table, Lefty impaled Leatherface with his big chainsaw, and pulled out the two smaller chainsaws for the duel. Leatherface was still able to fight back even with a chainsaw embedded in his gut; however, in the middle of their battle, Grandpa Sawyer threw a hammer at Lefty, hitting Leatherface instead, knocking him down and sending his chainsaw through the table, striking Drayton, who dropped a grenade he had previously pulled the pin off. The grenade exploded, killing Lefty, as well as Grandpa Sawyer, Drayton Sawyer, and Bubba Sawyer.


  • Lefty manages to kill Grandpa, Drayton and Leatherface. However, Leatherface appears in the sequel, Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. That film is an alternate continuity, however, as Drayton is referred to as W.E. who died by the gas chambers, and Leatherface has a different family (and a brace on his leg, presumably from his injury in the first film hinting it's an alternate sequel)

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