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Leather Slaughter
Known aliases: Leather
Location: South Texas
Known relatives: The Slaughter Family
Status: Alive
Year of birth: 1970
Year of death: None
First appearance: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
Portrayed by: Robert Jacks

Leather Sawyer is the secondary antagonist of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation He is played by the late Robert Jacks.

About / BiographyEdit

Leather Slaughter is a yelping, pizza-eating cross dresser involved in an Illuminati conspiracy to provide society a source of horror, and, again, with a different family, probably because in the first three movies, the rest of his family has been killed or imprisoned. Leatherface, along with his brothers Vilmer and W.E. and Vilmer’s girlfriend Darla, hunt down lost people and murder them. But unlike the previous families, Leatherface and his family do not eat their victims.

Leatherface, like the original, is seen wearing a elderly lady’s face and wig. However, for the rest of the film he wears a black dress, a more feminine skin on his body, and a black wig. When we first see him, he wears a camouflage jacket, his traditional white apron, and has a long black curly wig.

Leatherface screams throughout the film. When he realizes that he’s been caught by Heather, he screams, along with Heather. When Heather temporary escapes from his hands into a storage room, he screams. After he throws her into a box and she keeps opening it, he continues to scream. It’s not until after he uses heavy objects to prevent her from escaping from the box that Leatherface has a total meltdown.  He also screams after killing Barry. When he does so, it worries his brother W.E., whose outside and can only hear Leatherface screaming.

Leather Slaughter also has the distinguish of becoming the only Leatherface to obey the demanding orders of his victim. When Jenny holds the entire Slaughter family at gun point, he along with W.E. and Darla, are forced to put their hands up and get on the ground. When Jenny attempts to calmly leave the dinner table later, Leatherface rises and screams at her. But Jenny demands him to “Sit the fuck down and shut up.” Not only does he do it, but he sort of cries and has a defeated look on his face.

Leatherface appears to be the weakest in his family and is hurt by the fighting that occurs. His brother W.E. abuses him relentlessly, to which Leatherface does not fight back but cries. During a fight between Vilmer, Darla, and W.E., Leatherface is seen cowering behind the refrigerator screaming, crying and plugging his ears.

During dinner, while dressed in a drag, Leatherface is seen doing his nails. At one point Vilmer mentions how his brother (Leatherface) is tired of his current female face and wants a new one. He implies that Jenny’s face will be his new face, which Leatherface appears excited over.

When Jenny escapes again after using Vilmer’s remote controls to mess with his bionic leg, Leatherface, in his full drag, chases Jenny with the chainsaw. During the chase, one of Rothman’s men, flying a airplane, runs Vilmer over with the wheel. Leatherface appears to be devastated over it. When Jenny escapes in Rothman’s limo, Leatherface has a meltdown. He screams and emulates the infamous chainsaw dance seen in the original.

Masks Edit

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