Leatherface - TCM3D promo
Jedidiah Sawyer
Known aliases: Leatherface, Jed
Location: Newt, Texas
Known relatives: Heather Miller
Status: Alive
Year of birth: 1947 (presumed)
Year of death: N/A
First appearance: Texas Chainsaw 3D
Portrayed by: Dan Yeager

Jedidiah "Jed" Sawyer a.k.a Leatherface, is the main antagonist turned protagonist villain of the original Texas Chainsaw 3D.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre And The Following Day Edit

Jedidiah Sawyer, or just Jed, lived in a farmhouse in Newt, South Texas. He lived there with his father Drayton Sawyer, his brother the hitchhiker, Grandpa and Grandma. Until August 19th 1973, Jed and his family murdered and ate many people that came to the house.

On August 19th Sally Hardesty escaped through the window of the house, and the next day Sherriff Hooper came to arrest Leatherface. As the Sawyers were giving Jed up, Burt Hartman, and the people of Newt came and burned the farmhouse to the ground, killing the Sawyers.

For 20 years, Jedidiah live under the care of Verna Carson-Sawyer.

Texas Chainsaw Edit

20 years after the infamous massacre, Verna died and Jed's cousin, Heather Miller came to the house. Due to Leatherface believing his entire family to be dead, he kills his cousin's friends. Eventually, Hartman discovers Jed's survival, and leads him to the slaughter house that he worked at before the massacre began. There, Jed realises that Heather is his cousin, Edith Sawyer, due to a birthmark on her chest. But Hartman and his friend Ollie were already there, and they savagely beat Leatherface. Heather killed Ollie with a pitchfork, and Jed pushed Hartman into a meat grinder.

Jed later lived with his cousin in Verna's house.

Mentality Edit

In the first film, Jed behaved with the mind of a child. After Sally escaped, and his family died, he swore not to let anyone escape again.

Family Edit

Deceased Edit

-Drayton Sawyer (father)

-The Hitchhiker (brother)

-Grandpa (grandfather)

-Grandma (grandmother)

-Boss Sawyer

-Bear Sawyer

-Loretta "Sissy" Sawyer

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