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Jedidah Sawyer II
Known aliases: Mr. Blake
Location: Sawyer Residence, South Texas
Known relatives: Earl Sawyer
Loretta Sawyer
Heather Miller
Carl Sawyer
Jedidah Sawyer III
Status: {{{status}}}
Year of birth: Unknown
Year of death: Unknown
First appearance: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Legacy Continues
Portrayed by: N/A
Jedidah Sawyer II (alias Mr. Blake) is a character in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Legacy Continues. He is the son of Earl Sawyer, husband of Loretta Sawyer, and father of Heather, Carl/Nick, and Jedidah III (the new Leatherface). During the massacre onto the Sawyer family by Burt Hartman and his gang, Jedidah hides his son Carl and attempts to fleer with his wife and daughter. Realizing she's dying, Loretta begs Jedidah to run. He obeys his wife's wishes. He's found later by his father and together they plan their revenge.

Jedidah eventually becomes a teacher at the high school his father serves as the principal and where his daughter attends. On their 18th birthday, Jedidah joins his father and two sons in revealing their true identity to Heather. But Heather refuses to join them in continuing the family legacy.

He's killed by Heather when he nearly kills her boyfriend in a fight.

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