Armalite AR-18
Gun Type:
Assault Rifle
20-30 round STANAG magazines
Fire Modes:
Used By:
Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

The Armalite AR-18 is a rifle used by Benny in Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

In Film AppearanceEdit

The AR-18 Was First Seen When Benny Took It Out Of His Jeep He Is Later Seen Shooting It Sucessfully Killing Two Sawyers And Wounding Another

Weapon InfoEdit

The Armalite AR-18 was an assault rifle created as an alternative to the AR-15. It was made by the same designer, Eugene Stoner. The rifle used in the movie is equipped with a folding stock 
  • Benny Aiming
  • Firing His FAL At The Sawyer Family In This German Advertisement
  • Benny Vs Thomas Sawyer

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