Earl Sawyer (alias Principal Hansen) is a character in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Legacy Continues. He is the brother of Drayton, Nubbins, and Jedidah/Leatherface. He's also the grandfather of Edith/Heather, Carl/Nick, and Jedidah III/Leatherface He was originally not involved in the original massacres in 1973 for he was in Ohio. When he found out about his family's demise, he returned home. Once there, he found his son Jedidah II. He and Jed II kidnap Carl and Jed III from foster care and train them to continue their family legacy. Earl eventually becomes a principal in a Texas High School attended by his granddaughter. On their 18th birthday, Earl, Jed II, Carl (now going by Nick), and Jedidah III (Now taking on the persona of Leatherface) track down Heather and reveal their true identities to her. But she refuses ultimely kills them all except Leatherface.

Earl is killed in a struggle with Heather and Henry. He falls off the school's stage and breaks his neck.

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