"I just can't take no pleasure in killin'. There's just some things you gotta do, don't mean you have to like it."
― Drayton Sawyer
Drayton Sawyer
Known aliases: The Cook, The Old Man
Location: Texas
Known relatives: Verna Sawyer-Carson (mother/sister)
Grandpa Sawyer (father/grandfather)
Jedidiah Sawyer (son/brother)
Nubbins Sawyer (son/brother)
Loretta Sawyer (Sister/niece)
Edith Sawyer (niece/cousin)
Status: Deceased
Year of birth: Unknown
Year of death: 1973
First appearance: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
Portrayed by: Jim Siedow
Bill Moseley
Dimo Alexiev

Drayton Sawyer, also known as The Cook and The Old Man,[1] is a member of the cannibalistic Sawyer Family and the father of Leatherface and Nubbins Sawyer. He was portrayed by Jim Siedow in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and by Bill Moseley in Texas Chainsaw 3D.



Drayton, like the rest of his family, is suspected of several murders, including that of Betty Hartman. However, the police do not have any evidence to prove it. Instead Betty's father the Sheriff takes Drayton's son/brother Jedidiah (later known as Leatherface) for treatment in a mental hospital. Jedidiah later escaped and returned to the Sawyer farm where Drayton lived.

The initial massacreEdit

Drayton Sawyer makes his debut appearance in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, in which he first appears as the proprietor of a gas station and barbecue (with an unnamed car door window washer as an employee), where a group of teenagers stop while passing through the area. Drayton's malevolent nature is revealed later in the film, when he beats Sally Hardesty (Marilyn Burns) unconscious and captures her after she approaches him seeking help when her friends disappear and her brother Franklin (Paul A. Partain) gets killed by Leatherface. Having been chased by Leatherface previously, she is highly hysterical after her shocking experience. Taking Sally to his home, Drayton torments her alongside his siblings, Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen) and Nubbins (Edwin Neal), before deciding to let the family patriarch, Grandpa Sawyer (John Dugan), kill her. When Grandpa proves too decrepit to kill Sally with a hammer, Drayton, the Hitchhiker and Leatherface attempt to aid him, but only succeed in losing grasp on Sally, who flees out a window, he is the only one of the three brothers who does not pursue her choosing instead to stay behind with Grandpa.[1]


After Sally manages to escape the Sawyers, she alerts the local police of their murderous activities. Sheriff Hooper arrives to arrest Leatherface but is interrupted when Burt Hartman, the son of the corrupt Texas Ranger Hal Hartman,[2] and a group of vigilantes burn the Sawyer Farm down, killing Drayton and most of the family. Leatherface, Verna Sawyer-Carson and an infant Heather Miller are the only known surviving Sawyers.[3]