Darla Slaughter
Known aliases: Darla
Location: South Texas
Known relatives: The Slaughter Family
Status: Alive
Year of birth: 1959
Year of death: None
First appearance: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation
Portrayed by: Tonie Perenski
Darla Slaughter Ia A Character Featured In Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation


Vilmer's apparent girlfriend (who routinely suffers abuse and domestic violence at his hands). Darla is one of the more sane members of the family; she appears highly disgruntled under Rothman and Vilmer's control and is hinted at once having a normal life, making references to another husband living elsewhere.[13] She also informs a group of teens (her family would later capture) that she had breast implants, and after W.E. Slaughter comes to assist her in kidnapping a fleeing hostage, Darla admits to owning a gun. In the movie Darla also speculates that her lover Vilmer is from outer space and that either Vilmer or his employers has implanted a device in her head which will kill her. Darla is also the one who explains the Sawyers' backstory to their captive Jenny, telling her that the family belong to a secret group, which has been assassinating people for hundreds of years, including John F. Kennedy. She is portrayed by Tonie Perensky.