"If you do something for long enough, you eventually start to like it."

-Chrissie to Bailey concerning her allowing Eric returning to Vietnam

Known aliases: Chris
Location: Texas
Known relatives: Unknown
Status: Deceased
Year of birth: 1948
Year of death: 1969
First appearance: The Texas Chainsaw
Massacre: The Beginning
Portrayed by: Jordana Brewster

Chrissie was the main protagonist in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning portrayed by actress Jordana Brewster.

She is one of the first group of victims of the Hewitt family collective in their first massacre which occured in July 1969. She was formerly the girlfriend of young Vietnam war soldier Eric as well the bestfriend of his younger brother Dean's girlfriend Bailey.

Chrissie was the fourth and final member of the group to perish though the one to have not been originally taken away to the Hewitt residence following Eric's jeep accident.

About Edit

Chrissie first appears in the film at a motel in Texas by the motel's dirty in-built pool reading a magazine and enquiring as to what her boyfriend Eric is doing in the pool. She receives a crackerjack box ring from him and she complains that she yet again has to see him off to Vietnam.

She then with Eric rendezvous with her bestfriend Bailey and Eric's younger brother Dean (Bailey's boyfriend) who will be also joining him in Vietnam. Along the way her and Bailey are briefly scared by a motorcycle gang with a female member who takes a particular interest in both Chrissie and Bailey stating them as pretty and planning a robbery. Chrissie at Luda Mae's gas station is frightened once again by the bikers and learns from Bailey that her and Dean are planning instead to depart for Mexico which Chrissie encourages and does not inform Eric of.

When the group get back on the highway Dean attempts to burn his draft card in the backseat along with Bailey and is caught. An argument then ensues and then the motorcycle woman from earlier then pulls them over at gunpoint. Eric however attempts to outdrive her and ultimatley not paying attention comes into collision with a cow let loose across the road which causes his jeep to flip and swerve to a crashing halt on the side of the road. Bailey, Eric and Dean are injured in the crash whilest Chrissie is spiralled 3 feet from the jeep into a field and remains unconsious while the motorcycle attempts to rob them.

Sheriff Hoyt then arrives and kills the motorcycle woman and takes Bailey, Eric and Dean. Chrissie regains consiousness at that time and is ushered by Eric's sign language not emerge and approach. They are then taken and Chrissie remains by the jeep wreck until Uncle Monty is dispatched to the scene with his tow truck and collects the vehicle which Chrissie stows away in. Chrissie is then brought to the Hewitt residence border and whilest crawling beneath the jeep remains still whilest Uncle Monty proceeds to urinate.

Chrissie after Uncle Monty leaves the collected jeep catches a glimpse of Eric and Dean strung up in a barn on the property and realizing they are captive runs back for help on the highway where the collision occured. There she flags down the motorcycle woman's motorcycle riding gang leader boyfriend Holden who she suades into taking her back to the Hewitt residence after informing they have his friend. The two come but Holden abandons her choosing not assist in rescuing her friends.

Chrissie comes to find Dean now outside stuck in a beartrap and then tells she will return once she gets Eric and Bailey. She proceeds inside the Hewitt residence stealthily and makes her way into the Hewitt basement where she finds Eric strapped onto a surgical table. She reconciles with him for a moment but then retreats under the table to hide as Thomas Hewitt returns to the basement to tend to Eric. He proceeds to kill Eric with his chainsaw which he plunges through his chest and comes out through the surgical table near Chrissie splattering her with his blood. He then by knife cuts off Eric's face and fashions himself a mask of it which she stitches together carefully.

Chrissie is traumatized by the ordeal and escapes the basement once Thomas is summoned by the other family members as Holden as announced himself upstairs and is ultimatley killed. Chrissie comes to the front door and is about to leave but hears Bailey's screams sounding from upstairs and proceeds up to rescue acting on her consience and morality. She sneaks her way to a pillared down Bailey in an upstairs room and is informed by Bailey that they know she is here shortly after Chrissie witnesses the amputation of Uncle Monty's injured legs.

Chrissie is then rendered unconsious by Sheriff Hoyt and comes to awaken at the dining room table. She finds herself in the company of a standing Sheriff Hoyt, left hand seated Luda Mae and Uncle Monty and right seated Dean and Bailey. Dean is unconsious and Bailey disorientated and not speaking. Chrissie insults the family about them possibly being incestous and then is horrified to see that Bailey has had tongue removed. She then witnesses Thomas under Luda Mae's instructions to set Bailey free slit her throat wide open with a pair of scissors placed beside her. Chrissie as Thomas approaches her insults him and yells at him to stay away which prompts Luda Mae to tell Thomas to take her away. Chrissie is then seized by Thomas who carries her over his shoulder off towards the basement room. Chrissie however grabs hold of a sharp shard weapon and stabs Thomas twice in the right shoulder blade releasing herself from him.

Chrissie then makes a run for the front door but has Sheriff Hoyt step out in front of her prompting her to turn a corner into the rumpus room and plunge herself out the window. Chrissie then gets to her feet and runs out into the front field escaping.

Luda Mae expresses panic that she will get away and tell everyone what they did but Sheriff Hoyt assures she won't as Thomas begins pursuit with his active chainsaw. Chrissie eventually reaches the Lee Bros. abbatoirs where Thomas formerly worked and murdered the owner and Dean abck at the Hewitt house regains consiousness. Chrissie uncovers the body of the Lee Bros. CEO who was Thomas' first victim bludgeoned to death by means of a sledgehammer.

Chrissie hides away from Thomas who enters the abbatoirs by climbing into an animal blood filled crate with the glas shard. As Thomas approaches she surprises him from behind and stabs at him again in a frenzy. Thomas however garners the upper hand and seizes Chrissie pulling her over and throws her down onto the ground. As he prepares to kill her with his chainsaw however he is advanced by Dean who has caught up with them and is killed which creates a diversion for Chrissie to escape. Chrissie breaks through a grated small window and gets into a car with keys still in the ignition. She then drives off and coming down a highway sees in the distance a police officer who has pulled over a male individual.


Chrissie death in the run

Chrissie sighs in relief but Thomas emerges from the backseat having stowed away and with his fired up chainsaw kills Chrissie by stabbing her through the back out the front of her bare lower belly and groin with the running chainsaw, which in turn causes her to lose control of the vehicle and crash straight into the male officer and pulled over individual, killing them.

Trivia Edit

She is the only main hero in the series to not survive.

Gallery Edit

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