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Carl Hartman
Known aliases: Deputy Carl
Location: Newt, Texas
Known relatives: Hal Hartman (Grandfather)
Burt Hartman (Father)
Betty Hartman (Aunt)
Status: Unknown
Year of birth: 1986
Year of death: Unknown
First appearance: Texas Chainsaw 3D
Portrayed by: Scott Eastwood
Carl Hartman is a deputy of Newt, Texas and the secondary antagonist of Texas Chainsaw 3D.


He is Burt Hartman's son and a police officer. Before Heather's heritage was revealed, he was very warm and friendly to her and showed genuine concern. She even admits, she found him nice. When his father learns Heather Miller is really Edith Sawyer, he turns on her fast and assists in her abduction and tortures her. He leaves the slaughterhouse before Leatherface arrives and doesn't witness his fathers death. His fate is unknown.


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