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Burt Hartman
Known aliases: Mayor/Hartman
Location: Newt Texas
Known relatives: Carl Hartman
Status: Deceased
Year of birth: 1942
Year of death: 2013
First appearance: Texas Chainsaw 3D
Portrayed by: Paul Rae
Burt Hartman Is A Character Featured In Texas Chainsaw 3D


Hartman is the main antagonist in Texas Chainsaw 3D , one of the first to not be a member of Leatherface's family. When Leatherface was about to be taken in, Hartman took the law into his own hands and led a lynch mob, seemingly killing all the Saywers. He and the rest of the mob where hailed as heroes, and Burt becomes the Mayor. Unknown to him, Leatherface survived and fled to his grandmother's house and the baby, Edith was raised by the Miller family under the name Heather. Decades later Heather inheirits her grandmothers mansion, Leatherface turns up. It isn't long before word gets out that Leatherface is still alive and Heather is a Sawyer, so Hartman takes his vendetta out on her. He has her abducted and taken to a slaughterhouse, where Leatherface eventually turns up. Heather sides with her cousin and Leatherface personally fights Hartman until he forces him into a meat grinder.

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