Known aliases: Unknown
Location: Texas
Known relatives: Unknown
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Year of birth: 1947
Year of death: 1969
First appearance: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:
The Beginning
Portrayed by: Diora Baird
"Relax baby, because today i am going to use my tongue in ways the lord never intended."
― Bailey to Dean sexually teasing him as foreplay for a failed act

Bailey was a character that appeared in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning and one of the first victims of the Hewitt family. 

She was the Hewitt's family second ever female victim and first female victim forced to live throughout the madness and macabre of the Hewitt residence.

Bailey is portrayed by actress Diora Baird.

About Edit

In 1969, Bailey was travelling alongside best-friend Chrissie through Texas with their boyfriends, Dean and Eric, who were going to enlist to go to Vietnam. Bailey and Dean secretly decided to go to Mexico instead.

She is first seen stripping to her underwear and making out with Dean, who is tied to the bed. Dean is too distracted and they talk about how he is going to tell Eric hes not going to Vietnam.

They soon head off and encounter a group of bikers that mess with them before driving ahead. They stop at a local eatery where Bailey and Chrissie go inside. Bailey reveals her and Deans plan and Chrissie tells them to go to Mexico. They leave after seeing the same group of bikers. Dean sets fire to his draft card while in the car and one of the bikers, Alex, follows them and tries to get them to pull over so she can rob them and a chase ensues, ending in their car crashing after Eric tries to shoot her. Chrissie is thrown out of the car and into the bushes during the crash.

Sheriff Hoyt soon arrives and immediately shoots and kills Alex before finding the burnt draft card and questioning Eric, Dean and Bailey. Eric tells him it's his so Dean doesn't get in trouble. Hoyt orders them into his police car and drives them back to the house, where Leatherface takes Alex' body away.

Bailey is tied up under a table in the house while Eric and Dean are tied up outside. Luda May Hewitt cleans the blood from her face while singing "Mockingbird". Eric manages to get free and unties Bailey, who gets the keys and tries to escape in Montys truck.

She almost escapes but Leatherface hooks her in her left breast with a meathook and pulls her out of the truck before dragging her back to the house as she screams in agony. She is tied to a bed in an upstairs bedroom and is forced to watch Holden being sawed in half by Leatherface. Chrissie tries to free Bailey but is knocked unconscious. Bailey, Chrissie and an unconscious Dean are tied to chairs at the dinner table and Bailey is revealed to have had her teeth forcefully extracted. Leatherface enters and slits her throat with a pair of scissors as Luda May tells him to "set her free".

Gallery Edit

  • Bailey restrained under the kitchen table
  • Bailey with Dean discussing him informing Eric he isn't going to join him in Vietnam
  • Bailey screaming out as Thomas enters the kitchen
  • Bailey with bestfriend Chrissie before departing the motel
  • Bailey with Dean and Eric in Sheriff Hoyt's car being escorted to the Hewitt residence
  • Bailey has throat slit by Thomas as instructed to do so by Luda Mae with a pair of scissors at the dining table
  • Bailey after being released by Eric from the Hewitt residence kitchen and given the keys to Uncle Monty's truck attempts to flee the Hewitt residence
  • Bailey moments before her throat is slit open by Thomas at the dining room table
  • Luda Mae overlooks an unconsious Dean and disorientated Bailey
  • Bailey with boyfriend Dean outside the motel before departing
  • Bailey after removing her top about to approach a bed tied Dean

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